Who We Are

Global Health Forum (GHF) was founded in January of 2007 to address and educate students about serious global health issues. The suffering of people around the world was, and continues to be, an issue in need of intense discussion and action.

Our mission is to empower ourselves and community members to improve global health through raising awareness, cultivating partnerships, and pressuring political initiative.

Core Values1) Social responsibility                                                                                   
2) Self-initiative
3) Sustainability
4) Interdisciplinary Collaborations

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Renu Nadkarni '13, Claudia Lujan '15, and Randall Burson '15 at University of Pennsylvania meeting with Puentes De Salud, a non-for-profit organization that promotes wellness and health for the Latin@ population in South Philadelphia.

Board and Staff Members

News Coverage

Minus Malaria Variety Show to fund bednets

Eugene M. Lang ‘38 and the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College created the Swarthmore Project Pericles Fund in 2005. The purpose of the Fund is to support groups of Swarthmore students who propose and implement social and civic action projects whose scope and sustainability will advance solutions for the issues in question and also promote recognition of students’ motivation and capability to address such major issues effectively.